What Makes Us Unique

Trailblazing a Path to Advance Public Health

NP2, a nonprofit pharmaceutical corporation, is committed to groundbreaking change in the affordability of life-saving medicines. Too often patients are priced out of the best treatment protocols because they simply can’t afford the cost of care. This should never be the case.

NP2 will always put patients ahead of profits by developing, manufacturing, and bringing to market generic life-saving drugs at a cost below the government negotiated price.

As a nonprofit organization, NP2 is not under pressure to raise prices on drugs to generate greater dividends and increase personal wealth. Our model is designed to counter that ideology and to advance public health.

All proceeds from the sale of our drugs will support the development of additional generics that are experiencing significant price increases or shortages.

According to a 2019 study by Gallup and West Health, more than 13% of American adults — or about 34 million people — report knowing of at least one friend or family member in the past five years who died after not receiving needed medical treatment because they were unable to pay for it.

How We’ll Do It

Our Strategies:

  • Join forces with mission-aligned nonprofit organizations to manufacture oncology drugs at a lower cost and provide them to cancer treatment centers that serve a large percentage of patients on a fixed or limited income.
  • Pursue licensing deals with for-profit drug manufacturers. NP2 will purchase the rights to their drugs and will sell them at a lower price to healthcare institutions and large-scale cancer treatment centers where some generic drug manufacturers have been unable to penetrate these market segments.
  • Develop, manufacture, and commercialize NP2 generic drugs at prices people can afford.

Our Bottom Line?
No one should go without optimum care because of inadequate funds. We’re NP2 and we’re ready to lead the way in changing the big pharma model. Join us and support our bold vision today.

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By providing oncology research and treatment centers with lower-cost generic drugs NP2 makes it possible for more dollars to be invested into researching safer and more effective treatments for cancer and other diseases.