Join Our Legacy Circle

Leave a legacy. Make a gift that will save lives today and for generations to come.

The NP2 Legacy Circle consists of people like you that want the comfort in knowing that NP2 will have the resources it needs to ensure the under-served has access to affordable life-saving pharmaceutical medicines today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

There are many ways to make a legacy gift to NP2. We can work with you and your Financial Advisor or Estate Attorney to carry out your wishes to help ensure NP2 always has the resources it needs to realize our vision of a society where medicines are affordable, in regular supply, and meet the needs of the underserved.

Some of the ways to make a Legacy Gift:

Gift of Appreciated Stocks
You can transfer shares of appreciated stock to NP2 and take a charitable deduction on your tax return in the amount equal to the value of your gift on the day of the transfer. Transferring stock with significant gains to NP2 will allow you to avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the stock.
Gift of Life Insurance
If you have a policy that was purchased several years ago but the need for this coverage no longer exists, instead of cashing in the policy, consider contributing the policy for the benefit of NP2’s mission. By changing the ownership and beneficiary of the policy to NP2, you will receive a charitable income tax deduction for the value of the policy.
Gift of Real Estate
An individual can take an income tax deduction for 100% of the fair market value of real estate held for more than one year. In addition, the capital gains taxes due if the property had been sold are bypassed when the real estate is gifted. The outright gift of the property reduces your taxable estate.
You can name NP2 in your estate plan by designating us as a beneficiary of either a percentage of your assets or a specific gift amount.
Gift of an IRA
When you name NP2 as the beneficiary of your IRA, 100% of the value of your account comes directly to NP2—tax-free. When left to your heirs, individuals must pay taxes on funds as they are withdrawn. Ensure that 100% of the value of your hard-earned retirement savings is put to work helping provide life-saving medicines to everyone who needs them by naming NP2 as a beneficiary.